Scientific Overview - CORA 2015


Keynote Lecture

The Keynote Lecture will be given by Prof. Yehuda Shoenfeld, one of the leading clinical immunologists and experts in rheumatology and allergy.

The interplay of environment, genes and our immune system – why autoimmunity?

In his lecture, Prof. Shoenfeld will address new environmental factors, including obesity, smoking, silicon and salt and how they can induce autoimmune reactions in genetically prone subjects, e.g. those carrying HLA-DRB1.


Read more on this thought-provoking lecture:

Obesity in autoimmune diseases: Not a passive bystander
Mathilde Versini

Tobacco smoking and autoimmune rheumatic diseases
Michal Harel-Meir

The Mosaic of Autoimmunity: Genetic Factors Involved in Autoimmune Diseases
​Yehuda Shoenfeld


​​​​​​Debate Sessions​

  1. These debate sessions will feature "PRO" and "CON" sections on the hottest controversies in the field of rheumatology and autoimmunology. Some of the most acclaimed experts will state their opinion on these controversial issues and will engage in fierce debates about the following topics.

    1. Does seronegative Sjögren's syndrome exist? 
      Claudio Vitali vs. Athanasios Tzioufas
    2. Does seronegative APS exist? 
      Guido Valesini vs. Vittorio Pengo
    3. Muscle biopsy in IIM, idiopathic inflammatory myopathy
      Marinos Dalakas vs. Chinoy Hector
    4. T2T in SLE - Which lymphocytes are the most important in pathogenesis of SLE? 
      Thomas Dorner vs. George Tsokos
    5. De-escalation therapy in low disease activity RA patients: always or never? 
      Piercarlo Sarzi-Puttini vs. Roberto Caporali
    6. Early psoriatic arthritis: should we treat patients as rheumatoid arthritis?
      Zoltán Szekanecz vs. Ignazio Olivieri
    7. Biological or triple therapy in RA?
      Pierantonio Ostuni vs. Daniel Aletaha
    8. Spondyloarthritis: do we need evidence of damage to treat patients with biologics? 
      Joachim Sieper vs. Christopher Edwards
    9. Is fibromyalgia a somatoform disorder or a pain perception problem? 
      Winfried Hauser vs. Daniel Clauw
    10. Should we vaccinate in autoimmunity? 
      Yehuda Shoenfeld vs. Yaakov Naparstek
    11. Silicone implants and autoimmunity 
      Prabath Nanayakkara vs. Franco Bassetto

Scientific Sessions


Scientific sessions will bring to the audience first-rate presentations on controversial topics concerning the diagnostics and treatment of autoimmune (rheumatic) diseases.

1. Laboratory for clinicians – Controversial/difficult topic in laboratory medicine

  • ANA testing Nancy Agmon-Levin
  • Anti-CCP Nicola Bizzaro
  • MSA and MAA Anna Ghirardello

2. Controversial/difficult topics in pregnancy

  • Neuropsychological development of children born to patients with autoimmune rheumatic diseases Angela Tincani
  • Treatment of refractory pregnancy losses in APS patients Ricard Cervera
  • Controversies in the management of lupus pregnancies Rebecca Fischer-Betz

3. Controversial/difficult topics in the management of autoimmune diseases

  • Why to test vitamin D serum levels in autoimmune diseases? Maurizio Cutolo
  • Management of cardiovascular disease and related comorbidities in arthritides Zoltan Szekanecz
  • Cancer and biological agents Michael Ehrenfeld

4. Biologics and discontinuation of the treatment

  • Infections and biological agents: difference between North and South Europe   Fabiola Atzeni  
  • Immunogenicity with the use of biologics   Gyorgy Nagy
  • CVD and biological agents   Roberto Gerli

5. Rheumatic pain problems

  • Epidemiology and CWP according to the recent guidelines: under- or overestimated problem? Gary Macfarlane
  • Chronic pain: symptom or disease? Yakov Ablin
  • Osteoarthritis: an inflammatory model? Cosimo De Bari

6. Autoimmune diseases overlapped with Rheumatic conditions

  • Celiac Disease Aaron Lerner
  • Thyroiditis and rheumatic diseases Leonardo Punzi
  • Autoimmune skin diseases Annerget Kuhn

7. 30 years of aPL testing - is enzyme immunoassay the right assay technique to search for aPL?

  • APS testing - 30 years of history Pier Luigi Meroni
  • The other antiphospholipid antibodies Maria Laura Bertolaccini
  • The best method to measure antiphospholipids Dirk Roggenbuck

8. Definition and management of vasculitis

  • Large vessel vasculitis Carlo Salvarani
  • Small vessel vasculitis Loic Guillevin

9. Controversial aspects in the management of connective tissue disease

  • Difficulties in classifying Neuropsychiatric lupus?  Marcello Govoni
  • Strength and weakness of Expert Recommendations:   George Berstias
  • Are there pathogenic autoantibodies in systemic sclerosis  Armando Gabrielli

10. Novel advances in therapy, biologicals and biosimilars:  ASIA and imaging.

  • The role of biosimilars in rheumatic joint diseases: Opportunities and challenges Tore Kvein

11. Inhibition of IL-6: new therapeutic  modalities

  • Inhibition of IL-6: new therapeutic  modalities  Andrea Lo Monaco 

12. Auto inflammatory diseases

  • Auto inflammatory diseases  Luca Cantarini

13. Open issues in autoimmunity and rheumatology

  • Ultrasonographic evaluation of resistive index and renal artery stenosis in patients with antiphospholipid syndrome: two different mechanisms? Carlo Perricone


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