Accolades - - CORA 2013

"...congratulations for the fantastic conference!"
Peter Szodoray, Norway
"Congratulations on the successful completion of CORA in Budapest. The Congress was excellent..."
Alan Ebringer, UK
"I want to thank you, your assistants and all the Kenes team for your precious support and for the entire organization of CORA 2013. The award ceremony was a touching moment for me."
Alessandra Soriano, Italy
"First of all I'm very glad to give you my greetings for a very wonderful congress...I'd like to renew my thanks to the CORA Organization"
Luigi Gianturco, Italy
"The high level organisation of the CORA Budapest Congress was great, all the participants were very satisfied with it. Let me congratulate you and your team too."
Eszter Kisbenedek, Hungary
"...thank you and the scientific committee for the prestigious opportunity you gave me to participate in this congress. It was a significant chance to better qualify my knowledge by sharing ideas and comments with colleagues from all over the world, in particular during the debate sessions."
Monica Pendolino, Italy
"It was a very great pleasure for me to attend this wonderful meeting - I have learnt a great deal from the stimulating debates. You and your fellow musketeers must be congratulated on putting together such an excellent programme! Thanks again for your time - you are truly inspirational and its easy to see why the Autoimmunity family values you so highly."
Sabina Alam, UK
"I would like to compliment you for the great success of the CORA congress. The sessions were really excellent and exciting."
Marco Matucci Cerinic, Italy
"Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to discuss especially on atherosclerosis. I hope that all the audience who attended the debate session understand. Also, all of other sessions were also educational for me!!! Thank you for organizing the wonderful congress and for inviting me."
Eiji Matsuura​, Japan​

"Thank you for your friendly hospitality and many congratulations for the brilliant and successful congress! The CORA Mission was well done and Budapest is a wonderful city!"
Angela Tincani, Italy

"It was a great meeting. I enjoyed the controversies and learned a lot. Thank you for your wonderful organization and hospitality."

Yaakov Naparstek, Israel


"Thank you for this impactful, highly scientific and yet very pleasant meeting. I really appreciated and felt honored to be part of it as an invited speaker and enjoyed the good discussions. Great work, congratulations!"

Dr. Peter Gergely 


"...well done!"

Douglas Veale, Ireland


"It was a pleasure participating at this conference, I really enjoyed it and heard very positive feedback from others. Thanks a lot to you and your co-organizers for a very nice meeting!"

Attila Mocsai, Hungary


"Thank you for the opportunity that I could represent the Szeged Department of Rheumatology and a little bit also the whole Hungarian rheumatology at this memorable and successful meeting. It was a great experience for me, and I wish much success to the forthcoming CORA meetings. Thanks for the great organization."

László Kovács, Hungary


"...thanks for organizing the meeting perfectly."

Thomas Pap, Germany


"Many thanks for letting me take part in the wonderful and well organized conference. The entire organization was remarkable. It was noticed that the meetings were well planned, I believe all the attendees learnt much in these 3 days. I personally enjoyed the time and I was more than happy of being able to modestly and humbly contribute to its' success."

Howard Amital, Israel


"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about my work (NASA-JPL-space) at the conference. I met some wonderful people, I had a great time. I only wish having more time to attend some of the talks for me to learn about your work."

Eva Bokor, USA

Dear Yehuda,

It was a pleasure to meet up at CORA. I think the meeting was a great success.  Thank you very much for allowing me to debate with such a world authority as Joachim Sieper.


Dear Yehuda, 

both me and my wife could not enjoy more the meeting in Sorento, so thank you again.

Truly yours, 


Dear Professor Shoenfeld,

as you said once, "upon recovering from the post-partum depression of the successful CORA Meeting in Sorrento" I would like to thank you very much for the great opportunity we have had to discuss our work in a such friendly atmosphere.

Even my young colleagues, Chiara Gelardi and Paolo Cardinaletti, want to thank you for the extraordinary opportunity to meet great experts in this field and, most of all, to meet you and to talk with you.

Believe me, in Italy, it is not so usual that a Professor gives time and attention to young doctors.

Everything was so extraordinary and I'm waiting the opportunity to meet you again. Yours Giovanna

Dear Professor Shoenfeld,

It was really nice to see you again in Sorrento, Maartje and I have enjoyed our stay there and the congress was really interesting. I hope you have returned back in Israel safely. We are in contact with Perricone and Soriano to work on the ASIA Registry.

Our sincere and kindest regards,

Maartje Colaris en Mintsje de Boer

Dear friends

it was a great pleasure to be with you at the CORA meeting.

I believe the Congress  has been of high quality and the people I talked to enjoyed  very much being at the CORA.

However, nothing can happened without friendship and share and I had all this from all of you.

I believe this is a wonderful team and I am proud to be part of it Best to all of you Piercarlo

Dear Yehuda

Thank you for the privilege of being asked to present at CORA. I really enjoyed the meeting and your hospitality. We look forward to a potential collaboration with your team. 

​Kind regards              Hector Chinoy

Dear Professor Shoenfeld,

Thank you!!!

It has been a great pleasure to meet you in Sorrento!!!!!

Yours always,


Dear Prof Shoenfeld,

Thank you for the wonderful meeting and above all thank you for successfully erasing my starting orphanage feeling :-)

It is good to be cardiologist in autoimmunity network.

Hope that I will meet you you again somewhere. If you ever feel that yours palacinke receptors need saturation, please do come to Belgrade - will prepare you a tone (to get some for the road too)

Wish you good luck, good health and all the success!


​Aleksandra Djokovic​​​

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