Scientific Program




CORA 2017 will feature major and short debate sessions, scientific lectures, abstract presentations, sponsored blocks, as well as an exciting new session type: the "Curbside Consult".​

Curbside Consult

This session type features a spontaneous discussion of a difficult clinical case. The case is presented by the Session Animator who raises one or two key questions. Three experts give their opinion on the best diagnosis/treatment options and discuss the case among themselves as physicians often do in their daily practice (without any slides). The case is not previously known by any of the discussants. The animator's role is to ensure a lively conversation and cover the various approaches, as well as to involve the audience in the conversation.

Debate Sessions

The purpose of the Debates at CORA is to have a heated discussion on some of the most burning controversies in the field of rheumatology and autoimmune diseases. The two sides of each debate will be defended by two leading experts in the field, and the discussion will be controlled by a moderator whose role is to ensure that all aspects of the debate are duly discussed, as well as to involve the audience in the conversation.

We will conduct debates on rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, spondyloarthropathies, cotricosteroids, therapy in SLE and APS, fibromyalgia, silicone-induced autoimmunity and immunopuppression. We will discuss the highly controversial issues of therapy withdrawal in remitted patients, the use of biosimilars in the place of originators, the supplementation of Vitamin D in all patients with autoimmune rheumatic diseases and many other topics.


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